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Spend a day with stop.drop.rewind on their spring tour in the US and Canada!

Grab your piece of SDR history and help the band cover essential tour costs at the same time.  Sponsor your tour day today for exclusive merch and unique insight in SDR tour life.

All sponsors WILL receive:

-Personalized video shoutout.

-Signed, hand numbered self-titled album sampler.

-Exclusive tour sponsorship merch.

Your care package will also include unique "artifacts" from the day you sponsored: -Picks/sticks used at show.

-Handwritten setlist.

-Tourist attraction paraphenalia.

-Andy's favorite gas station snack.

-Or similar items!

Only 10 slots available, book your day on tour today!


*All sponsorship funds will be used to cover essential tour costs: gas, lodging, vehicle maintenance, groceries. Please feel free to contact us here or on our socials with any questions.

SDR Tour Sponsorship Program

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