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10 Years of stop.drop.rewind Party is Coming!

We're not sure where the time went but- This fall marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of stop.drop.rewind! Since that conversation in a basement coffee-house at VU, we've had more adventures than we could have imagined and picked up more than a few lifelong friends along the way.

We want you guys to share this (pretty crazy) milestone with us!James Neary and His Guitar - he did our 3rd tour with us - will be kicking off the show. we'll be getting in to our usual shenanigans, plus talking about some of those adventures (looking at you Big Bone Lick State Park) and playing some old songs that we've retired (looking at you "Rosie").

Stay tuned on social media for more goodies and memories leading up to the show!\

All ages. $10.

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