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"I Was a Portrait" is HERE!

Our first ever music video - and the first single off of Element & Aftermath - has arrived!

This is about as close as you’ll ever get to a love song from us. Josh came up with the opening guitar riff at one of the first writing sessions for this album, and DJ had a vocal line almost immediately. He spent the rest of the session glued to his phone, poring over lyrics while Kris and Josh established a vibe/tone for the rest of the song. The overall message we’re trying to convey is that love is a wonderful and powerful feeling that can be both positive and destructive, but that it shouldn’t be abandoned because of its imperfection. This song focuses mainly on the creative and destructive power of romantic love, but the main point remains true for all kinds of loving relationships. The music reflects love’s dual nature in the chord structure, which features a lot of tension that doesn’t always resolve or release right away. Still, the song has a “happy ending,” because the search for love should not be abandoned even though it may not be perfect even once it’s found. More new music still to come in 2018!

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