• Andy Sutton


Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope you’re feeling extra spooky this year. But not too spooky. That’d be bad. So all tracking for “Element & Aftermath” is complete! That means we can start playing more shows again, which we love. Come check us out at Zuchez in Griffith, IN on November 3, and at the New Dodge in Detroit, MI on November 8! We haven’t done Michigan in a while, so it’ll be nice to get back up there. In more “E&A” news, we begin shooting for our first ever music video for “I was a Portrait” tomorrow. We’ll be working with the great Emanuel Roldan (Detour North), and we’re pumped to see what he brings to the table! Be on the lookout for that video in December. Until then, see you at Zuchez and New Dodge!

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