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So we maybe had a little too much fun at Duffy's last night. I know I always say that when I leave Duffy's, but this time, I mean it. Thanks to Duffy and his staff, and to all those who came and hung out with us! It's always nice to play in our hometown, so be on the lookout for more shows there in the coming months. And now, the big news: WE LEAVE FOR SXSW ON MONDAY! We've been looking forward to this for a long time, so it's hard to believe it's finally here. Be on the lookout for lots of pictures and video updates from the road, and look us up if you'll be in Austin! Can't wait to tell you all about it when we get back. Special thanks to The Market in Valparaiso for hooking us up with delicious food for the entire tour. Go there, and try the rabbit stew! We're all about it.

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